Help GarudaNepal to complete the rebuilding of 4 schools

Dear friends of Nepal,

Travelers in the Himalayas, you probably remember the prayer flags that hang on bridges, gorges houses an temples, and carry in space wishes of the people.

Following the earthquake that devastated Nepal in April 2015, and thanks to your spontaneous donations, Garudanepal.org, a Nepalese association Base Camp Trek undertook emergency distributions and then started the reconstruction of 4 schools in Nepal.

After nearly 3 years of efforts:
- 3 primary schools in Kavre district have been inaugurated even though one of them still need painting and electricity. We need puzzles, children books   and educational games, second hand.
- Gairimudi secondary school (13 classes) : walls are finished. We need financial help to complete the roof (carpentry and slates). We hope to open the     school to the children by April 2018.
- All the donations have been fully invested in the rebuilding, thanks to rigorous management.
- Rather than soliciting outside contractors, we preferred to employ villagers: they received good wages, unexpected in these remote areas allowing them    to rebuild their own homes
- They learned seismic reconstruction techniques that will allow them to work for others. They will all receive a certificate which is for them a real bonus.
- Nicole Decourrière provided the schools with teacher training.
- A lively school also helps to keep families in the village, offers a meeting place for village associations, especially women and curbs the rural exodus to   the Gulf countries ...

In short, we are proud of the work accomplished and grateful for your support. But today we must call again for funds to complete the project. Today we still need 30 000 € to complete this project.

As prayer flags form a solidarity chain and send wishes in the wind, we still need your solidarity so that flags might again protect the children of these villages and help them realize their wishes. a better life that, of course.
For any modest financial contribution, you will receive a set of prayer flags as an auspicious sign of solidarity

Thank you for your support on behalf of all the teams who participated in this great project,

Jérome Edou

You can also pay directly via the internet on the secure Gofundme managed by Kim Edou: https://www.gofundme.com/ktmconnection
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