A freelance guide is a bit like a box of chocolate: you never know what you're going to come across ... - adaptation of Forest Gump's common sense -

So, do you want to base the success of your stay in the Himalayas on a stroke of luck?

Why going with someone rather than alone?

Not all Nepalese / Tibetans / Bhutanese speak English and this is exceptional when they know a few sentences in French. A French or English guide (depending on your level of language) is an interface but also a guarantee to be able to communicate and be understood.

A guide is ...

- Assistance: A professional who knows the safety rules, who knows the weather, the trails and their dangers but also (and above all!) Knows how to manage acute mountain sickness. In the event of force majeure, they are a guarantee of vital security and of great help (e.g. avalanche, earthquake, and blizzard for example which decimated a hundred trekkers who left alone at the Thorong La pass in October 2015)

- Contribute to the local economy and the development of the country by providing work. This makes it possible to combat the exodus to the big cities Kathmandu, Thimpu ... or abroad.

 - Meet local people and their families and have moments of sharing with them. Anecdotes, culture, ethnicities, traditions ... it is the way to learn more about the country we are visiting, to discover another side of the country from a less tourist point of view and therefore, not to miss out on unusual places or activities.

Why going through an agency and not a discount freelance guide?

REACTIVITY AND SECURITY: The guide cannot be in the field and in the city. An agency has specialists for each area: insurance, air, hotel reservation ... Each position is a real job! In the event of force majeure (political, air, health, etc.), they are the key to good care. When the guide is on the ground he can adapt and cope with changes and intangibles.

 LEGALITY: Only an approved agency is authorized to issue trekking permits. It is also essential for regions with restricted access and expeditions, which require special permits. The freelance guide is not a recognized status. Licensing is the responsibility of the issuing agency. Going through an agency is an absolute rule for certain activities or certain regions: Tibet, Mustang, Bhutan, expeditions

 RESPONSIBILITY AND RELIABILITY: The agency remains the point of contact before, during and after the trip during preparation, follow-up, returns and quality control. It can intervene to reframe the services and its contributors (guides and drivers for example). It can be called upon to play the role of arbitrator and take responsibility for satisfying its clients as best as possible, maintaining or improving its brand image. Going through a recognized agency is a guarantee of quality of service. A freelance guide is accountable to no one, you can come across the best as well as the worst ...

 NETWORK: An agency, because of its volume of reservation and its age, weaves a vast network of service providers and obtains good plans, reduced prices and priorities, particularly in terms of hotel and transport, specialized guides. An agency is a pledge of confidence, of quality and has suitable materials, vehicles, heavy logistical support to organize more complex activities ...

Why choose Base Camp Trek?

Base Camp Trek is...

- Fully French and English - speaking support in all stages of the creation of your trip with personalized advice.

- Reactivity within 48 hours and in case of emergency available 24 hours a day.

- Tailor-made and completely flexible à la carte trips or groupings of solo travelers in small French-speaking groups.

- Original or surprising itineraries, constantly renewed and updated thanks to our network, guides and the recognition of our teams, always in the field.

 - Specialists for themed circuits focusing, among others, on Buddhism, Taïchi, Yoga, initiation to meditation, mountain biking, painting...

Article updated by Thaïs, Base Camp Trek intern